Supporting staff wellbeing at Kettering General Hospital

I love supporting Corporate/In-House Events, so it was such a pleasure to be invited to provide treatments to front-line & support staff at Kettering General Hospital as part of a series of Wellbeing Days in March. Over 3 separate days/3 sites, I provided foot reflexology and scalp & cranial massages (which is the first half of my popular Facial Acupressure Therapy treatment). I’d spent a day at the Hospital prior to lockdown providing taster treatments as part of their Menopause awareness week, so it was great to get the chance to return. Over the course of the 3 days I had the opportunity to help a wide range of staff to relax before, during and after their shifts, from front line clinical staff, to support staff, right through to management. The feedback was amazing, and it was just a pleasure to share these therapies with some for the first time and to talk about the potential benefits complementary therapies can bring to support wellbeing. If you’re reading this and think your employer might be open to supporting staff wellbeing with a similar initiative, drop me a line as I’m always open to having conversations about how I can help.

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