How I can help

If you’re a busy woman going through a transitional time in your life, looking for support for Stress and your Emotional Wellbeing….

…..I offer a wide range of treatment options including Reflexology, Gentle Release Therapy, Enerqi Facial Rejuvenation Therapy and Facial Acupressure Therapy (as well as blended, combination treatments). Booking in dedicated time to nurture our wellbeing, re-set our bodies and re-fill our cups is vital – often a weekly, fortnightly or monthly treatment really can make a huge difference to our wellbeing, especially when we have a lot of change going on and life feels heavy.


If you’re struggling to conceive naturally, or preparing for IVF/Assisted Conception….

..I have a range of options available from individual treatments through to more intensive packages of support.

Often women will contact me for an initial chat/consultation then come and try a treatment and get a feel for how I work. Many do then decide to then book in a Fertility consultation with their partner (if in a relationship), where we will take a deep dive into their fertility history, current position and discuss options for support moving forward.

Typically, packages of support blend fertility/menstrual health coaching, Fertility Reflexology, Gentle Release Therapy and Mind-Body work, however, every client and every journey is unique so I will recommend an approach based on your individual circumstances. I do however always recommend we work together for a minimum of 3 months so I can support you to optimise your changes of conception.

For those navigating an assisted conception journey, my IVF companion package is a popular choice. Whether you’re about to undergo IVF, ICSI, a frozen embryo transfer, this package uniquely blends Fertility Reflexology, Gentle Release Therapy and Mind-Body work to support you through the entire process, including in between hands-on treatment sessions. Whilst this package is bespoke to your individual needs, it includes a minimum of 5 x 75 minute sessions (prices start from £340).


If you think you might be in the early stages of (or firmly in) the peri-menopause…

….and you’ve been experiencing challenging symptoms/noticing changes to your physical and emotional wellbeing for a while, I can provide a programme of support for you to help you navigate this time of great change. I offer a wide range of treatment options including Reflexology, Gentle Release Therapy, Enerqi Facial Rejuvenation Therapy and Facial Acupressure Therapy (as well as blended, combination treatments). Booking in dedicated time to nurture our wellbeing, re-set our bodies and re-fill our cups is vital during this time of great hormonal change – often a weekly, fortnightly or monthly treatment really can make a huge difference to our wellbeing. 


The Nurture Hub

If you’re pregnant, or have recently welcomed your baby/babies, The Nurture Hub arm of my business has you covered. Check out my dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest news & class details, but here’s an overview…..


If you have problematic pregnancy symptoms and/or would like support preparing for labour…..

….I provide pregnancy reflexology/gentle release therapy right the way through to the onset of labour and can provide tuition for your partner to support you during labour too. Reflexology can not only help you relax, but research has shown it can help with lower back pain, anxiety and shorten labour times. Check out my ‘Blossom’ and ‘Bloom’ packages which offer the best value options to work with me.


If you’re a new mum recovering from labour and/or looking for support for you & your new baby….

…..I offer post-natal treatments alongside Mum & Baby Nurture classes – my unique 6 week class blocks where you can join other mums to learn all about baby massage, reflexology & all my other therapies, with a weekly brunch provided & plenty of time & space to relax, chat and make new friends.

More about my therapies…..


Reflexology works on the principle that all the systems within the body (i.e. all the major organs, glands etc.) have corresponding ‘reflex points’ elsewhere on the body (e.g. the feet, face, ears, hands). Reflexologists use maps showing these reflex points as guidelines, then use a range of techniques with their fingers, thumbs, knuckles (or tools such as hot stones or facial reflexology tools) to identify imbalances. We then ‘work’ these points aiming to release tension, rebalance, stimulate or sedate, helping to release any congestion and encourage to body to heal itself. Theories suggest that that this process is facilitated via nerve endings sending messages up to the brain and back out to the body, as well as unblocking energy channels (much like the principles applied in acupuncture).

Reproflexology is a specialist branch of Reflexology, utilising specific protocols focussing on specific organs and systems within the body via the feet and hands.

As a Reflexologist, in line with my professional Codes of Conduct, I would never diagnose, prescribe or claim to cure. By working with you, I help to facilitate change – supporting you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing and hope that my treatments become a catalyst for this change. How you respond to Reflexology is very individual. It’s impossible for me to predict whether a treatment will be beneficial for any symptoms you may be experiencing, or for a specific condition. I can say however that my reviews and testimonials do indicate that many of my clients have experienced health and wellbeing improvements. So, my advice is simply to give it a try and see if you enjoy it, then take a decision from there as to whether you feel you might benefit from a course of treatments to give yourself a greater chance of achieving the health and wellbeing improvements you’re looking for.

Gentle Release Therapy

Gentle Release Therapy, as the name suggests, is a gentle therapy which is best described as a mixture of energy work (think along the lines of a Reiki treatment) and acupuncture (without the needles), combined with additional techniques to allow the body and mind to gently release anything that no longer serve them. Where it differs greatly from Reiki however is that this Therapy is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which focusses on the importance of the flow of energy (Qi) around the body. The belief is that if energy channels in the body are ‘blocked’, energy can become stuck, impacting on our wellbeing. This Therapy focusses on releasing energy relating to the key organs in the body considered important in TCM (such as the Liver, and many other abdominal organs), alongside cranial, endocrine, lymphatic and gentle emotional release techniques. Treatments are extremely relaxing. Relaxation helps us to release stress. This principle is at the heart of these treatments and only by trying it for yourself are you able to experience the potential wider benefits for your own wellbeing.

Facial Acupressure Therapy

This treatment incorporates acupressure point work on the face, alongside release of the muscular and fascia structures of the face, neck and shoulders. Similar to the foundations of Gentle Release Therapy (described above), Facial Acupressure Therapy is based on the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and involves the application of gentle pressure to various points which relate to different organ systems to support the flow of vital energy (Qi).

Not only is this beneficial in terms of deeply supporting stress by relaxing the nervous system, but also combines with the feeling of an rejuvenating treat due to the use of hot towels and luxurious organic products to prepare the face, along with nurturing massage techniques.

Enerqi Facial Rejuvenation

This indulgent treatment incorporates all the traditional aspects of a facial, alongside traditional Eastern facial rejuvenation techniques. Alongside the core elements cleansing, exfoliation & mask application, this luxurious treatment incorporates facial rollering, Jade rollering, Jade gua sha, facial cupping and elements of Gentle Release Therapy on the body and face – a transformative 90 minute treatment helping your body & face release tension.

The Nurture Hub

I created the Nurture Hub so all my pregnancy, new mum & baby therapies could be easily found in one space. Over on my social media channels, you’ll find I have dedicated pages on Facebook and Instagram for this part of my work. Alongside my pregnancy and post-natal services, I run 7 week blocks of Mum and Baby Nurture classes throughout the year. During these classes I teach new mums a combination of Baby Reflexology & Baby Massage (Tiny Toes Reflexage), alongside elements from all my therapies to support the wellbeing of both mum and baby. Classes are 1h 45 mins long, and include a weekly brunch and a mini reflexology treatment for baby. Please see my social media pages for class details.

My treatments are bespoke to your needs on the day…

But as a starting point always aim to:
Promote relaxation 0
Increase blood flow and circulation 0
Improve energy flow throughout the body 0
Positively affect the lymphatic system and encourage the release of toxins 0

Potential benefits of reflexology for you

Research continues to grow, showing the potential benefits of reflexology, including:

Reducing stress and anxiety

Reducing the feelings of pain

Lower back/pelvic girdle pain and foot swelling in pregnancy

Reduction in labour pain and duration

Supporting Fibromyalgia symptoms

Supporting fertility and menstruation related symptoms