Sunday Slowdown – 19.11.23 – 8-9pm

I’ll be hosting my second online Sunday Slowdown of the season in a few weeks to help you to rediscover calm, release stress and restore balance from the comfort of your home. The theme will be all about releasing stress and overwhelm. I’ve seen such a lot of this around already this season – work-related stress, financial pressures, family dynamics and health issues can all take their toll. And, as Christmas approaches, this can often amplify as the various pressures and expectations build around what can be a difficult time of year for some.

An hour of time just for you could really help you find some balance at this time. My Slowdowns give you the opportunity to bring your attention within, wind down from your week/weekend and prepare for the new week ahead. During the session, I’ll guide you to connect with your body using the breath, then will help you to relax more deeply with guided visualisation. Then, using the principles of Gentle Release Therapy, I’ll encourage you to connect with how your body feels and to anything you’re holding on which would be beneficial to let go of. Letting go of this stress, tension and emotion can allow more energy to freely flow and improve our sense of wellbeing.

This is a cameras off/mic off event over zoom, so snuggle up on the sofa (or better still, in bed), pop-on some soothing music and let me guide you into relaxation and give yourself permission to connect with your body, mind and spirit for just an hour.

Here’s your link to reserve your space >>

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