Special Offer for Sept/Oct

My new INDULGE Facial Reflexology 65 minute treatment is just £50 until 31 October (includes a free consultation for new clients). This is particularly beneficial if you’re struggling with peri-menopausal symptoms, or fertility/reproductive health issues, or low mood/energy. A 90 min upgrade adding in foot reflexology is also available. 

This new treatment offering was inspired after me popping my student hat on again recently, refreshing my peri-menopause knowledge, enhancing my facial reflexology skills & boosting my range of facial massage techniques. For the first time, I’m now bringing it all together into a couple of lovely new options from my ‘INDULGE’ collection of treatments. These treatments are for any woman looking to nurture their wellbeing, but if you think you might be entering the peri-menopause (or know you’re already firmly in this time of fluctuating hormones & annoying symptoms), then they’ll be particularly beneficial for you.

Perhaps you’re struggling with a range of symptoms including:

💫 Anxiety/Low Mood

💫 Brain Fog

💫 Low libido

💫 Erratic/Irregular Cycles

💫 Hot flushes/Night sweats

💫 Sleep

💫 Fatigue/Low energy

Here’s how I can help:

Indulge – Facial Reflexology (65 mins) (Introductory price – £50)

* We’ll start with a Tropic Hot Cloth organic cleanse & tone to refresh, relax & prepare the skin for the treatment

* Organic Tropic Elixir facial oil will then be massaged into your face and neck, using a range of relaxing, sculpting, lifting & tension releasing techniques

* A combination of Facial Reflexology techniques will then be used to transport you into a deep state of relaxation, before a more targetted approach is taken to focus on the peri-menopausal symptoms which are bothering you the most

* Plus, a self-care facial reflexology tutorial to reinforce the work done during the treatment at home.

*upgrade to a 90 minute treatment, adding 25 mins of foot reflexology for an extra £15

The launch price has a £5 discount, plus if you’re a new client, I’ll also gift you a free consultation (worth £10)

Are you ready to nurture your wellbeing this Autumn? This offer will run from now until the end of October, so hop online to book your consultation and/or treatment & let’s work together towards helping get these pesky symptoms under control!

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