Rest, release, restore – Online Yoga session, Sunday 29th October, 8-9.10pm

Join me for an hour’s blend of deeply relaxing restorative/yin-inspired yoga from the comfort of your own home, followed by a guided relaxation session at the end. Prepare your body & mind for sleep ahead of the new week. New to yoga? This will be perfect for you, as you don’t need any prior experience of yoga to attend. My preferred style of yoga is a blend between gentle, restorative yoga and yin yoga, Both of these styles stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, supporting deep relaxation. I think this style is the perfect antidote to stress because it can help to calm the mind, it is gentle & slow-paced, and gives you time and space to come out of your ‘thinking head’ and into your ‘feeling body’. Restorative yoga is very gentle. Props are required to support the body and help it surrender in the poses – these can simply be items you have around you at home such as pillows, cushions and blankets. Fully surrendering helps to alleviate/release stress and tension and balance/calm the nervous system. Each pose (aka asana) is usually held for 5-10 minutes to encourage this relaxation and release.

Yin Yoga is slightly different in that it is all about stretching and applying gentle pressure to the energetic pathways which run through our bodies (aka ‘meridian channels’) to help shift stagnant energy. Props are also used in Yin Yoga, but their focus is to help to deepen or ease the stretches within the pose. Poses are also held for a good few minutes, but the focus is on stretching the connective tissues.

During this Autumn-themed session, we’ll be combining the two to hopefully reap all the benefits! Please don’t worry if you’ve never practised yoga before – this is an entry level class suitable for all ages and abilities.

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