perimenoPAUSE workshop – 12.11.23

Join me on Sunday 12th November for my first in-person Slowdown – a facial therapy based workshop to support you as you navigate the perimenopausal life stage.

Whether you’re curious about it, unsure if you’re in it, or have both feet firmly planted, my aim is to empower you with information and a self-care ritual to support you towards a sense of greater balance.

The workshop will be running from 6pm until around 7.30pm, around my kitchen table. Remaining places are very limited – at the time of writing I have 3 spots left.

The workshop will support you to feel empowered during this life phase and will include:

► Key information about what is going on in your body during this transitional time, common symptoms, natural options for self-care/help including the benefits of facial reflexology

► Facial Reflexology for general wellbeing, relaxation, sleep, stress & hormonal issues
► Some natural face lifting techniques to lift, sculpt and brighten your complexion
►  A self care ritual… perform daily for better and faster results (should only take a few minutes a day)

► During the workshop you’ll have the opportunity to use natural, organic Tropic products to prepare your skin for the massage & reflexology

The cost is £30. Reserve your space here! >>

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