New Treatment Blends are here!

Over the last 5 years as a therapist, I’ve come to realise 3 things:

1. My clients love the options of having longer, more nurturing treatments

2. My clients often find it hard to choose between my treatment offerings

3. Longer, blended treatments give me the opportunity to use more tools from my toolbox to support your wellbeing concerns and amplifies the impact.

I’ve now created a range of signature treatments which are unique blends from across my treatment offerings – you won’t find them anywhere else! They’re perfect for those of you who appreciate the benefits of creating plenty of space for deep relaxation, when sometimes an hour just isn’t quite long enough. These nervous-system-soothing treatment blends are all 90 minutes long which I believe is the optimum time for the body, mind and spirit to fully appreciate and take what they need from each element of the treatment.

The first two to launch are my ‘BLOSSOM’ and ‘BLOOM’ treatments.

BLOSSOM – This treatment is inspired by the sometimes instant results I see at the end of treatments. When we create the right conditions to let go of stress, tension, emotion (or whatever our body is holding on to), we create space for new energy to flow. And it shows. We begin to blossom. Beginning with Gentle Release Therapy, I’ll then move intuitively, holding areas & points around the abdomen, face and head, encouraging you to go within, start to connect with how your body feels and begin the process of letting go. I’ll then bring focus to your scalp – often the source of so much tension, particularly during times of stress, overwhelm and emotional upheaval. Through various techniques, I’ll connect to the superficial layer of Fascia (which is like a web of connective tissue beneath the skin that connects the entire body & also acts like a communication system) continuing the process of release. To finish, I’ll focus attention on the feet, spending at least half the treatment here, connecting with the reflex and acupressure points I feel will support you the most. A truly nurturing and restorative treatment – you’ll leave feeling lighter than when you arrives, in mind, body and spirit. (suitable during pregnancy)

BLOOM – this treatment supports you on a pathway to radiance – a glow that comes from within. The treatment is inspired by the quote ‘Bloom where you are planted’, recognising that whilst life throws us challenges and creates stress, we still have the capacity to meet ourselves where we are, nurture ourselves and begin the process of returning to balance. This treatment begins with gentle neck stretches – often a hot spot for tightness – and incorporates acupoint work around the head and neck, alongside a tension-releasing scalp and cranial massage. I’ll then move attention to your face – the muscles here are constantly at work and can also become tight, particularly around the jaw. For those that grind their teeth, or struggle with headaches/TMJ issues, there can be a huge amount of tension held in this area. I’ll prepare your face for a nurturing massage with a hot cloth cleanse using beautiful, organic Tropic products, before blending massage and acupoint techniques to start the process of releasing some of that tension held in your face. To conclude, I’ll bring you back down to earth with reflexology – grounding your through your feet, and connecting with the reflex and acupoints I feel need the most attention in the moment. Remind yourself of how good it feels to press the pause button. Rediscover calm. Release stress. Restore balance. Begin to BLOOM. (suitable during pregnancy)

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