New Autumn Treatment – Introductory Offer!

Introducing R A D I A N C E . We all know how good it feels when the sun hits our bones in the summer & when we’re in balance, the joy we feel and that inner glow that projects out. This warming treatment blend is inspired by this essence and aims to leave you feeling calm & balanced on the inside, and radiant on the outside. Over the course of 1 hour and 40 minutes, I’ll take you on a journey into deep, restorative relaxation. Once you’re settled into my heated, reclining chair, you’ll start to get cosy under a blanket & I’ll support you to connect in with your body, through the breath, guided by a visualisation. Using the heat of Moxibustion, I’ll introduce warmth into your energy (meridian) channels via various acupoints on your feet and hands, according to the prescription we’ll agree in advance of your treatment; this will be completely bespoke to you and your wellbeing needs. You’ll guide me during this part of the treatment, letting me know when you feel the warmth radiating, so I can move on to the next point, gently introducing warmth where it’s needed the most. Your feet will then be kept warm in heated boots, whilst I prepare your face for a deeply nourishing massage & blend of facial acupressure and reflexology, with beautiful organic skincare products and hot towels. Finally, moving onto your legs and feet, the warmth of hot stones on your calves and feet will ease away tension before nurturing foot reflexology brings you further towards balance. A Herbal Tea will provide warmth to your digestive system whilst you reconnect with the world around you, calm, rested, radiant. If you’re a new client, the initial consultation comes with my compliments for this treatment (worth £10), and the introductory rate for the Autumn (up until I close for Christmas on 19th December), is just £75, saving £10. If you’d like to book your space at this special rate, book here >>

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