My top 5 self-care tips for transitioning from Winter into Spring

This seasonal transition can often be rather jerky! One minute we feel like Spring is on it’s way with beautiful sunshine and those 10 degree + temperatures, then boom! We are back to frosty mornings, lashings of rains and gloomy forecasts! This period invites us to continue to rest, but with one eye on putting some of the groundwork down for the season ahead. Here are my 5 tips to support your wellbeing during the remainder of March:

  1. Grab a pen and paper/a planner and start to look ahead! Spring is the time for growth in all aspects of our lives, so with the new season on the horizon, why not take some restful time, wrapped up cosy and warm, to start to reflect on where you are now, and where you’d like to move towards during the coming season. Perhaps you’ve recognised you’re out of balance and have been dealing with some tricky emotions, aches and pains and having difficulties in some of your relationships. Now is the time to reflect and write down how you’ve been feeling, what isn’t working for you, and what you’d like to attract more or less of for the season ahead. Putting the foundations in place now will mean you’ll be one step ahead and ready to go when Spring hits.
  2. Refocus on nutrition. If you indulged in all the festive delights and have continued to enjoy hearty meals during the cold weather, now is the time to think about switching things up a little. As we move into Spring, we want to think a little more about nurturing and cleansing our Liver energy – think green! Can you start to introduce a little more green into your diet as we move towards the Spring? Try and keep things warm for now, we’re still not quite there yet! Think dark leafy greens like kale and cabbage, as well as broccoli, but also maybe adding a little asparagus and basil. Ginger remains a good choice with its warming properties. Consider reducing your sugar intake and alcohol consumption, and generally think about how you can start to be a little kinder towards your Liver ahead of the season where it’s energy becomes most prominent.
  3. Move your body in new ways. As the hibernation season draws to a close, you might be inclined to start to move a little bit more as the Spring energy starts to build. Alongside the benefits of walking, stretching out your body is a great way to start cultivating your Liver energy, maybe building up to a little yoga, pilates or tai chi.
  4. Plan for a clear-out! I’m sure you’ve had times where the urge has overtaken you to have a good Spring clean and that’s Liver energy in action! Clearing out the old to bring in the new is a great practise for Spring. As we’re not quite there yet, maybe as part of your Spring planning have a think about what needs clearing from your living space and what tools do you need to help make this as stress-free a process as possible? What would you like to tackle first? Do you need storage boxes? Are there things you’d like to sell on Vinted, Ebay or Marketplace? Make a plan now, then when Spring arrives you’ll be ready for that big clear out and ready to welcome in that lovely Spring energy.
  5. Give your immune system a boost. Perhaps you’re someone who always seems to pick up those seasonal colds, or the transition sets off allergies? Get ahead of the game and boost your immunity now. Holistic treatments such as Reflexology are great immune system boosters and a great way to help maintain balance and good health. Don’t be too keen to switch out the big winter coats just yet – in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ‘Wind’ getting into the body’s meridians or energy channels, can set off those seasonal allergies, colds, headaches etc. so keep your neck, head and back warm to prevent invasion of wind and the potential consequences to stay well this Spring.

Remember, gently nurturing your body through these seasonal changes can really help support the body to move towards the state of balance it always wants to be in – your choices will just give it a helping hand! Jane x

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