My top 5 self-care tips for Spring

Spring is a great time to make space for new energy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), taking cues from nature can support us to move towards balance. When it comes to Spring and the ‘Wood’ element, we can notice that everything around us is starting to sprout up and grow, becoming more energised after the long rest over the Winter. You may have already felt this subtle shift in your energy too as we’ve moved into this new season. When we’re in balance, this energy brings us a clear sense of direction, clarity & purpose. But when we are out of balance, Spring can be challenging. We may feel strong emotions around this time such as anger, frustration and irritability, all emotions associated with the Liver & Gall Bladder – two organs synonymous with this time of year in TCM. As well as irritability, this energy might manifest physically as headaches, high blood pressure or low mood.

My top 5 tips to harness the energy of Spring and bring more balance to the body and mind are:

1. Get Moving! Now is a great time of year to get moving a little more, and start shifting energy that might have become a bit stuck over the winter. Getting out in nature for a walk & using your senses to take in the changes happening all around you cannot be underestimated.

2. Have a Spring clean! Spring is a great time for clearing old energy – ‘stuff’ we accumulate in our homes can impact on our wellbeing too. So why not dedicate a little time to clearing out a drawer or two, getting rid of anything that no longer serves you and see how you feel afterwards? This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming – start small, a drawer or box at a time, then give yourself a pat on the back!

3. Go Green! Incorporating more green foods into your diet at this time of year is a great way of embracing the Wood energy of Spring. Green is the colour associated with Spring according to TCM, so adding things like kale, cucumber, green pepper, broccoli, and fruits such as honeydew melon and kiwi can be supportive at this time of year.

4. Pick up a pen and paper and write down your frustrations and irritations. When these emotions build at this time of year its important to get rid, sharpish! Journaling or writing is a great way of doing this, then simply screw up & throw the paper away (or burn it!) and metaphorically let that sh*t go!

5. Try some Gentle Release Therapy, either as part of treatment with me, a group session, or by accessing a guided session through my Wellbeing Hub – such a great way to be guided to let go of anger, irritation and frustration. Drop me a DM if you’d like to purchase access to a recording.

I hope these tips are useful!

Rediscover calm – Release stress – Restore balance.

Jane x

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