Moxibustion Reflexology – Special Introductory rate!

After training back in January, I’m finally in a position where I’m ready to introduce this new treatment which is absolutely perfect for the Autumn.

Moxibustion is a therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which aims to treat and prevent disease by the use of ‘Moxa’. Moxa is created from the Chinese Mugwort Herb – a weed found across the world. When its leaves are dried and sifted, a down-like wool remains which eventually creates a ‘Moxa wool’.

By burning Moxa and holding it over acupoints across the body, it can help warm the energy channels, disperse coldness, and relieve stagnation and can be really supportive of disease prevention and general health maintenance.

So what does this actually mean in terms of supporting your health & wellbeing concerns?

I’m trained to use Moxa over a number of points on the feet and hands which according to TCM correlate to a wide range of issues I commonly find women who come to see me experience including:

  • pain (e.g. headaches, neck pain),
  • emotion & mood issues (anger/irritability/fear/worry),
  • genito-urinary issues from prolapse to haemorrhoids,
  • fatigue,
  • chronic stress/anxiety,
  • brain fog,
  • sleep issues,
  • lower back pain,
  • digestive,
  • fertility and menstrual health issues.

Additionally, Moxa has been widely used to support breech babies to turn.

A treatment would involve holding the Moxa over specific points until the warmth is felt as the influx of new energy enters the body. As this happens, you’re likely to find it deeply relaxing and nurturing. If you tend to struggle with any of the above issues, and/or generally feel relief from symptoms when you’re warm/heat is added, this treatment is absolutely worth a try.

Following our consultation prior to the appointment, I’ll prepare a bespoke treatment plan for you. As the moxa process requires interaction, I will need you to feedback to me during the treatment. However, as this a 75 minute treatment, this ensures that you’ll receive a minimum of 20 minutes regular foot reflexology thereafter during which you can drift into deep relaxation and allow the warmth added by the Moxa to embed and continue to take effect.

In return for your feedback and patience as I refamiliarise myself with the points and techniques, I’ll be offering this treatment at my regular 60 minute treatment price of just £48.50 during October and November. Book here >> Services and Fees | Jane Singleton Wellbeing

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