How to access the Kidney-1 acupressure point for self-care at home

As we transition from Winter to Spring, if you’re experiencing some of those challenges that can come with the change of seasons to your emotional and physical wellbeing, this powerful self-care point is definitely one to try. Kidney 1 can be found on the sole of both feet, just underneath the ball of the foot in the centre (follow the line down from between toes 2 and 3 to find it – there is a natural indentation, and you can press your thumb into it). As the entry point in the body to the Kidney Meridian channel, it’s one I use in most of my treatments (but please note, this is contraindicated up to 40 weeks during pregnancy due the nature of it directing energy downwards).

This is a fantastic point for calming energy and anxiety and also removing excess heat from the body. It’s also very grounding. As you press in with your thumb, breathe in – hold the point for a minute if you can, settling into your breath. As you release the pressure on the point take a long, deep breath out. Repeat on the other side.

As it’s still pretty cold out at the moment, so don’t race to drop the slippers and fluffy socks as we move towards Spring! Try and keep this point covered, and nice and warm where you can until Spring arrives, else those cold temperatures have a direct route into this meridian channel from this point. This is especially important if you tend to pick up colds etc. during this seasonal shift.

Give it a try and see how you feel. Repeat a few times a day for a week, and see if you notice any changes.


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