Holistic Fertility Taster Treatment

Before I discovered Reflexology, I tried everything. Crystal Healing, acupuncture, counselling, homeopathy to name but a few, all in the name of trying to get out of my head and nurture my fertility. Then I discovered Reflexology. What an absolute game changer. Nothing else came close. It was the ONLY thing that I found that ever flicked the off-switch to my frazzled nervous system. I felt heard, soothed and importantly SAFE when everything else around me felt like it was unravelling.

I know you feel overwhelmed, fearful and worried right now. I’ve been there. Feeling like this is exhausting and it’s stopping you taking action to move forward.

I also know you want to invest in your wellbeing – you understand that looking after yourself on this rollercoaster ride is non-negotiable – but you’re not sure where to start.

I want you to know that it’s possible to move beyond the paralysis these emotions create and to connect to a feeling of safety in your body. It’s possible to rediscover calm, release stress and start to let go of the weight of this journey.

This is why I’ve created a brand new Holistic Fertility taster session, to give you an insight into that feeling you so rarely seem able to experience these days.

After you’ve filled in a short consultation form and we’ve had a quick chat on the ‘phone, you’ll arrive for your 75 minute session. I’ll wrap you up so you’re cocooned in my heated, reclining chair then I’ll invite you to go within. You’ll go on a journey of connecting with your body through guided visualisation and Gentle Release Therapy whilst I nurture your whole beautiful self with a Reflexology treatment.

During this time, nothing is required of you other than to simply rest. To be.

The session will end with your choice of herbal tea and we’ll have the opportunity to talk if you wish, or I can leave you to enjoy a mindful moment. If you feel drawn to this experience right now, I’d love to hold this space for you. Hop online to book your treatment, or drop me a message if you have any questions. >>

Jane x

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