Facial Acupressure Therapy

We hold so much tension and stress in our faces and scalp, as well as the more obvious area around the neck and shoulders. This becomes even more apparent during times of stress, overwhelm and emotional upheaval. The unique structure of our face allows us to express our emotions, but can also be an outward reflection of them, including sadness, anger etc. (think furrowed brow or frown). The muscles in our faces are constantly at work, and can also become tight, particularly around the jaw. For those that grind their teeth, or struggle with headaches/TMJ issues, there can be a huge amount of tension held within this area. Our scalp holds on to tension too, just like the face. Fascia (which is like a web of connective tissue beneath the skin that connects the entire body & also acts like a communication system), is believed to hold on to emotion, so through massage of the face and scalp, we can access this superficial fascia layer and start a process of release.

My Facial Acupressure Therapy treatment wraps up all these benefits in an indulgent 65 minute treatment, incorporating neck stretches, massage and acupressure point work on the scalp, face and shoulders. Preparation for the facial massage comes in the form of a hot cloth cleanse using beautiful Tropic Smoothing Cleanser, followed by the Vitamin Toner, with Tropic Elixir Oil used for the massage (no oil is used in the hair and you don’t need to remove clothes from this treatment). In a full treatment, I have 100% record so far of inducing sleep! The feedback I get is incredible. If you’re going through a tough time and feel like from your shoulders upwards you’re really feeling it, then this is definitely one to try. Why not hop over and book your slot now?!

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